“All things exist through vibrations and frequencies. Music, being the most precious union of sounds and vibrations, remains a mysterious phenomenon.  There is so much more we have to learn about how it scientifically affects us, our emotions, as well as its medicinal properties, of which much will be discovered as our technology advances.”

“Since I can remember having any thoughts or feelings, music has been for me the most real and magical way of transcending into a timeless state. I learned that within music I could become anyone, and appear in or disappear from any place where my imagination ventured. I have observed that this timeless state can be experienced most vividly when one is completely free, submerged in the moment.”


Tatev, the founder of Soundsketch and YY sisters a capella trio, was born in Armenia on July 7th 1987 to a family of artists. She showed great interest for music and began formal classical lessons in both voice and piano at the early age of 6. Most of Tatev’s compositions  are written to ornate and strengthen the visual experience of motion pictures. Much of her inspiration comes from her fascination with the haunting and magical fairy tales, fables, cartoons and animations from around the world. She has scored for short films and animations, and has performed individually as well as with numerous artists throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Tatev is an art entrepreneur who connects and realizes common visions of creative minds.

Tatev moved to the United States in 2003 after achieving much recognition in Armenia. Tatev is a 2009 graduate of the Jazz Studies Program at William Paterson University, and NJPAC’s Jazz for Teens program of 2006.