Tatev is an Armenian-New Yorker, a multidisciplinary creative who was born in Armenia in 1987 and moved to the United States in 2003. Ms. Tatev is an arts entrepreneur who connects and realizes common visions of creative minds. Her music is influenced by a broad variety of genres as much as it is from studies about the neurological expansion of our mind, puzzles, scents, fables, cooking, languages and simple acts that show the interconnectedness of all living energies. Tatev is a composer for motion pictures, a pianist and vocalist who does not categorize her views, faith and work under any particular genre, discipline, religious or political ideology. Tatev believes that openness, curiosity and compassion are fundamental for growth and any change. Her core band is based in New York City, in addition to film directors, dancers, performing arts and technology institutions, scientists and artists from all over the world, with whom she collaborates on numerous projects. She is a provocateur against stagnancy, and any bias of unreasoning collectivism that unfurls from fear. Tatev believes and consistently works on becoming the best version oneself who can be in tune with the higher logic of our essence upon this planet of ours.

Awards | Achievements
London International Motion Pictures Awards Winner “Sounds of Seven” project
YoungArts Transformations Film Project Competition & Grant Recipient
Chosen Fellow at OneBeat Colombia sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Culture & Education,
Chosen artist in Armjazz75 |Anthology Of Armenian Jazz | TM Production
Recording Artist, WBGO FM 88.3


“All things exist through vibrations and frequencies. Music, being the most cohesive union of sounds and vibrations, remains a mysterious phenomenon. No activity or feeling fires-up more parts of our brain than the simple act of listening to music.      Having grown in a family of incredible visual artists, I became aware of the fact that sound often created its own imagery in my mind and vice versa. During my senior year of jazz studies at William Paterson University, my sister showed me one of her art works and said that the work was the sound of the wind blowing through a thin corridor between two buildings as she passed by. At that point I realized that my dream all along was to write music that would accompany a picture; even better, a motion picture! All the fairy-tales of different nations my mom read for us from books with great illustrations and unique animations I used to watch, have been a big part of what developed my imagination, world-view and ability to connect with others. Through sound and picture I do feel eternal for our most valued possession – our brain, our imagination – can create our perception of reality – which is our entire existence!”