Inspirations caused by Karen’s visits! Ասա, խոսա ես լսեմ 💛 Did you guys know that I can squeak-sing ? 😂 A few years ago I wrote this eastern sounding melody for flutes, a metallic sounding organ and other instruments on top of beats that Phil put together a while back. The project stayed dorment because I couldn’t turn it into a song until Karen came to visit me a few days ago! We wrote a short fable about a girl in the Middle Ages who speaks the language of plants և այլն… 🌱🧡✨ Almost two productive and inspirational days together with him taking short but deep naps ~interludes~ between our vibrant sessions😄He might hate me for posting his snores but I was very entertained by this because he would very suddenly wake up and continue the line right where he left off 😁 was so funny! Can’t wait to finalize this song as well for my 3rd record and nor can I wait for more hangs with this man: one of the most vibrant, hilarious, creative, inspirational ans supportive people I have in my life! Love you Kar jan! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #friendcollaboration #inspiringfriends #friendship #newmusic #songcollaboration #deepnaps #naps #powernaps #highpitchedsinging #newmelody #newstory #truefriends #supportivefriends

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